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4th-May-2009 09:05 pm - inkspell & inkdeath the movie
amy - the girl who waited
information + interview (alternate link)

according to harry potter fansite, snitchseeker, actors are signed on to do inkspell and inkdeath. you can read up fully on it in the article, and there's also an exclusive interview in there too. :D (the website has been temperamental lately, however, so i hope the link works!)
Avengers- Natashas
Paul looks so cute with his little scarf!

Brendan: What's that sticky stuff called?

Andy: Duct tape.

18th-Apr-2009 07:33 pm - INKHEART SCREENCAPS
Avengers- Natashas
As promised, Inkheart screencaps here at my photobucket account: Every story ever written is just waiting to become real

A few disclaimers: When I uploaded the pics, they were all numbered in order. Photobucket didn't like this for some reason, so thanks to it, some pictures are in order, some aren't.

Also, as I won't have access to the DVD until June 23rd, this is all done from a download. As such, the picture quality isn't that of a DVD capture, but it is in the widescreen format.

I also have the Inkheart Miscellaneous file, which is here: Random Stuff

Feel free to nab anything you want. Credit is nice, but not by any means required. :)

EDIT: Someone told me that they couldn't download the pics in the grid format. If this proves true for you, simply go to the icon in the top right corner that says "main" and you'll be taken to the page with all the codes, as well as giving you the ability to right click on the pics and save.
18th-Apr-2009 03:59 pm(no subject)
reid - paper_ducks
[01 - 06] James Franco
[07 - 14] Ashley Greene
[15 - 35] HPGoF
[36 - 37] Stock
[38 - 51] Inkheart (dustfinger & countryside/houses)
[52 - 65] HPoOtP
[66 - 70] Avril Lavigne
[71 - 77] Kristen Dunst
[78 - 80] Diane Kruger & random anime

rest here @ my lj
16th-Apr-2009 02:10 pm(no subject)
reid - paper_ducks
[01 - 06] Wall-E
[07 - 12] Inkheart (Dustfinger)
[13 - 17] HP, Bond, DW, McGregor

rest here @ my lj
14th-Apr-2009 08:49 pm - Awesome Inkheart Shirt!!!
Look what I won on ebay a few days ago:

Eeee~!!!! <333 This, along with a few other exclusive items, were given out at promo events before the release of the Inkheart movie. I had NO clue these events were going on until it was too late. T_T So, I've been watching these items on ebay for awhile. I found this shirt for only $6.68, brand new and all. <3 I'm wearing it right now. It's so awesome!!!!

Just wanted to share my awesome find! ^_^

13th-Apr-2009 11:30 am(no subject)
Does anyone know where I can get screen caps from the movie? I want to make a header, and I am having trouble finding a good gallery. I want one of those gallery's where every scene has a screen cap. If that is possible.
12th-Apr-2009 07:36 pm(no subject)
Dictionopolis is looking for players interested in playing the INKWORLD cast! Mainly Meggie, Mo, and Dustfinger.
12th-Apr-2009 02:21 am - cosplay
 I thought I'd go ahead and post this here too.  My friend and I are planning to do a cosplay of Dustfinger and Basta.  She's going to be Dusty, because she's a red head and is taller than me (like everyone else in this world!!!!) and I'm going to be Basta cuz I'm small and have dark hair.  I'm in charge of making the costumes and I wanted to go more for the inkworld look rather than James Bond/Basta and Dusty the depressed hobo, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about it.  Does anyone have some ideas?
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