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A Community for Inkheart Fans!
Hello. I am an avid fan of a fabulous book called Inkheart. It was written by German novelist Cornelia Funke and later translated into English.

Here's a picture of the front cover:

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However, I have not found a community yet for this fantastic book (and soon to be trilogy as Cornelia quickens to finish and release the second--Inkblood--and works on the third).

Edit, as of September 26, 2005: As it turns out, Book: The Second was named Inkspell and was just recently released in books stores in the US! Go buy it! Or borrow it. Or something.

So here it is. As of tonight--10:25pm Eastern Indiana Time, March 29th, 2005

If you're new to this book then please hang around and I shall try to write a synopsis for you.

Inkheart follows the story of a book-binder named Mortimer who lives with his 12 year old daughter, Meggie. Mortimer's wife, Teresa disappeared when Meggie was three years old because of an astrounding occurence.

As it turns out, Mortimer--who is called 'Mo' by his daughter--has the unusual ability to read things out of books. One day he acquired the book Inkheart and decided to read it. Mortimer has the sort of voice that enfolds and encloses around you, immersing you in story and painting pictures in your mind. So when he reads the book out loud to his wife, it was enchanting but it was nothing unusual--at least to her.

That is, until he got to chapter 7 and read out Capricorn, Basta, and Dustfinger.

But that was all in the past. Since then, Mo has had to constantly move. He is being hunted by Capricorn--who is convinced Mo is a sorceror--and wants Mo to read out more things from books for him.

Mo has become accustomed to this life. Moving constantly, avoiding Meggie's questions--and loving her as much as possible.

And then, one night, Dustfinger--a cowardly, rather pitiful fire-eater, whom Mo also read out of the book, finds them.

Capricorn is on the hunt again.

So they leave immediatly, taking the kindly--yet slightly suspicious--Dustfinger along to hide out at Meggie's great-aunt's house.

And Capricorn finds them. And he likes fire.

What happens next? Well, I'd say it's time you started reading.

This book is filled with luscious images, amusing antics, and deep passageways into human thought. From the evil Capricorn, superstitious and cruel Basta. To the not-quite-respectable Dustfinger--and his bouts with courage and cowardice. To Meggie--thoughtful and a litte more reserved than her father--who wears his emotions on his face.
To the mystery of the dissappearance of Meggie's mother and things oddly connecting through particular characters.
It's sure to draw you in.

When I read this book, I thought it was so fantastic I didn't stop until I'd read it all. I hope it's the same for you.

This community will be open to fanart, icons--ectect, book discussion, and theory galore. If you come across any tidbits of info, please, feel free to post them.

Also! As suggested by eeedge, she suggested to open up this whole board for discussion of all of Cornelia Funke's books. I think it's a very good idea.

So yeah to eeedge!

Oh, by the way--I am historyblitz. And I'm always looking for sister-communities if anyone is interested--and they don't have to have anything to do with Inkheart.

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So! Go! Visit! Now! Er...please. Thank you!

So, I end my words here. Let yours begind.

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